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You are UNIQUE, BEAUTIFUL and ORIGINAL - why should your artwork or wedding stationery be any different!

We believe each person has their own unique sense of style and that sometimes you need is someone to bring it to life - that's where we come in!!

My name is Andrea Blackwell - I am a chemical engineer by day and was feeling like my world was constantly surrounded by numbers, figures and calculations. I realized that many old traditions were being lost in this era of technology; slide rules... fine china... cursive... art in general - I want to protect that! 

I've always had a fierce affinity for antiques and heirlooms - I LOVE the preservation of beautiful, unique, well-crafted things.

I've combined my love for old world traditions & heirlooms with my detail oriented project management skills to create Rox & Laity to serve others who appreciate wedding stationery & home decor so unique, original and beautiful that your future descendants will cherish and preserve them!!

I am:

  • a lover of Jesus

  • wife to Jeff 

  • a fur-momma to Roxie (my mini Australian Shepherd)

  • obsessed with olives & pickles

  • a firm believer that a bubble bath can fix most things